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Cooking is My Passio​n

Hello.  I am Michelle, creator and cook of the Casserole Kitchen Food Trailer.  Originally from Iowa, I relocated to the Kansas/Oklahoma border in 2020.  I am back at home in Iowa.   

I love sharing my passion for food.  Good food can make someone's day.  There are so many options with the vast variety of foods.  I enjoy trying different recipes and creating new ones.  Recipes to me are just a suggestion!  You have to take that recipe and make it your own.  Some like more spice, some like it salty, or maybe with a different meat.  The opportunities are endless. 

Why Casseroles?  

It all started when I visited each of my twin daughters.  While visiting my daughter in the Navy, I helped her to cook an entire month of meals to easily prepare when time was short.  I shared this concept when visiting my other daughter that also works long days with the railroad.  Of course, they don't share common taste buds, so I prepared another month of meals with entirely different recipes.  Then, when I came back home, I had to share some of these delicious recipes with my husband.  He then shared some of the  prepared meals with his coworkers.  Next thing you know, I am eating, sleeping, and preparing CASSEROLES!!  I love the diversity that they allow and the opportunity to be creative. 



Casseroles come in many flavors and variations,  therefore the menu will change frequently.  Stock up on your favorites as the meals can be frozen.  Refrigerated meals are suggested to be eaten within 3 days of purchase.


After a couple seasons in Oklahoma, the Food Trailer has returned home to Iowa, serving great food to all of Eastern Iowa.   We are based out of the Cedar Rapids area.


Needing to feed a large family or gathering?  The Casserole Kitchen is available for onsite meals or you can custom order full pans of your favorite casseroles.  


Casserole Kitchen serves individual size casseroles that are prepared in microwavable containers that need to be heated prior to eating.  The meals make for a quick and easy meal for work or home.  

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